OuR Story

Join us on a trip… A new multi-day festival in the north of the Netherlands is born. Discover a world where complete chaos (Hullabaloo) turns into love for music. Where all your senses are stimulated and a musical journey will enthrall you. With more than 50 national and international artists, the Stadspark Groningen will be transformed on 30 & 31 August 2019 into a music paradise with 4 stages where you can lose yourself in the adventure and briefly escape reality. So pack all your gear and land in Hullabaloo Village, the campsite of Hullabaloo so that you don't miss anything. Discover new talent, but also enjoy well-known artists. Hullabaloo is a small city that never sleeps: full of adventure and surprises. Discover it for yourself and end your summer with a two-day mini vacation in the beautiful North of the Netherlands!